Romy Schneider: Twelve Facts About the Sissi Actress

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Romy Schneider | Sissi Film

In 1955, a movie about the Austrian empress Sissi made her worldwide famous at the age of 17: Romy Schneider. Ten years after the end of World War II, German public had a longing for a healthy world. The movie Sissi, based on the life of Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie with the nickname Sisi shows a fairytale – a fairytale, German-Austrian and later on also French actress Romy Schneider always tried to escape. Throughout her whole career, she was alleged trying to get rid of the Sissi-image. Until today, more than 35 years after her death, Romy Schneider still has a huge fanbase in Germany and fascinates young and old equally. Ten Romy Schneider facts:

  • Romy Schneider was born on September 23 1938 in Vienna, Austria to the actors Wolf Albach-Retty and Magda Schneider. She spent most of her childhood on her grandparents country estate in Schönau am Königssee. Her parents, who didnt have much time for her and her little brother, got divorced in 1945.
  • After graduating from school, she initially wanted to join the arts and crafts school in Cologne, but was discovered by director Ernst Marischka. Her first role was in Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder Blut. Next Romy Schneiders mother Magda, the then 14 year old was playing Evchen Forster.
  • Had her first kiss with Claus Biederstaedt at the age of 16 in the movie Feuerwerk.
  • Romy Schneiders movie song Wenn die Vöglein musizieren was released on vinyl.
  • Romy Schneider became famous in her role as Sissi (the Austrian Empress). When Ernst Marischka was offering her a 530.000 Dollar contract for the fourth part, Romy Schneider rejected it. She felt like the role of Sissi was sticking on her like semonila pudding.
  • She moved to France in 1958, where she had a relationship with the actor Alain Delon. There, she also wanted to start a new life and built a career in the French movie industry. Schneider synchronized most of her French speaking movies into German as well as into English.
  • Alain Delon and Romy Schneider played together in three movies: Christine (1958), Der Swimmingpool (1968) and Die Ermordung von Trotzkis (1971). The couple was together between 1958 until 1963.
  • Married actor Harry Meyen in 1966 and got divorced for the first time in 1973. Romy Schneider’s son David died at the age of 14 in 1981 when he was trying to climb over the fence to get onto Biasinis parents property. Biasini was Romys second husband, with whom she had a daugther called Sarah Biasini, born in 1977. Sarah Biasini is a french actress.
  • Was one of 374 women in the German magazine Stern, who openly admitted, that they aborted a baby.
  • Was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 1963 for her leading role in the movie Der Kardinal, but didnt win.
  • Romy Schneider died on May 29, 1982 at the age of 43 due to a “broken heart”. The real circumstances of Romys death were never clarified. 18 days before she died, Romy Schneider bequeathed everything to her daugther and the French producer Petin, with whom she was living together until her death.
  • Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 2010.

Some Romy Schneider movies

  • Victoria in Dover (1954)
  • Sissi (1955)
  • Love from Paris (1957)
  • The Swimming Pool (1968)
  • La Passante du Sans-Souci (1982)
Featured image (cropped): Romy Schneider – Télé-star Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0


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October 19, 2017
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