Top Ten Richest Germans in 2017

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Top Ten Richest People in Germany

Who is the richest person in Germany?

Germany is known to be a Neidgesellschaft ( = envious society). Whoever succeeds is repelled by disgrace and making money or showing it off to others by driving an expensive car or living in a huge house is considered as indecent. Many Germans like to call themselves “middle class” rather than “upper class”. Probably one of the reasons, why official pictures and personal information of the richest Germans in 2017 are hard to find. Who are the richest Germans in 2017 and their estimated assets?

Beate Heister and Karl Albrecht jr.

Estimated assets: 27,2 billion dollars

Beate Heister and Karl Albrecht jr. are the children of Karl Albrecht, founder of the German supermarket chain Aldi Süd ( = Aldi south) and the richest Germans in 2017. Beate Heister is one of the chairmen of the Siepmann foundation, which is a non dissolvable foundation for the administration of the assets of the trading company Aldi Süd. Karl Albrecht sr. died in 2014. Beate Heister is married and has six children. Her brother Karl Albrecht jr. is unmarried.

Georg F. W. Schaeffler

Estimated assets: 20,7 billion dollars

Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Schaeffler is the son of Georg Schaeffler, who developed the needle cage for needle bearings in 1949 from which arose the Schaeffler group, a mechanical engineering group and supplier to the automotive industry with more than 85.000 employees worldwide. In 2014, his son Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Schaeffler, a graduated tradesman and lawyer, was holding 80 % and his mother and widow of Schaeffler sr., Maria-Elisabeth Schaufler, was holding 20 % shares of the group. The second richest German in 2017, Schaeffler, is divorced and has four children.

Susanne Klatten

Estimated assets: 20,4 billion dollars

Susanne Klatten is the sister of Stefan Quandt. Both are part of a well-known German industrial family. Her father Herbert Quandt, who died in 1982, inherited his assets to his two children from his third marriage with Johanna Quandt. At that time, Susanne Klatten was only 20 years old. Today, she is the richest woman in Germany. Together with her husband Jan Klatten and their three children, the studied business economist is living in Munich.

Theo Albrecht jr.

Estimated assets: 18,8 billion dollars

Theo Albrecht jr. is the son of Theo Albrecht, one of the founders of the supermarket chain Aldi. The two brothers, who have been part of any richest Germans list in the last years, decided in 1961 to go separate ways. Thats when Theo Albrecht took over Aldi Nord ( = Aldi north) for the northern part of Germany and Karl Albrecht Aldi Süd ( = Aldi south) for the southern part of Germany. Theo Albrecht jr. is a member of the board of directors since 1982 and the deputy chairman of the non-dissolvable Markus Foundation, which manages the assets of Aldi Nord and the US food retail chain Trader Joe’s. The fourth richest German in 2017 is married and has one daughter.

Stefan Quandt

Estimated assets: 18,3 billion dollars

Stefan Quandt is the brother of Susanne Klatten. His wealth largely goes back to his grandfather Günther Quandt and his father Herbert Quandts assets. Amongst other things, the studied industrial engineer is deputy chairman of the supervisory board of BMW AG. The German bilionaire is married and has two children.

Dieter Schwarz

Estimated assets: 17 billion dollars

Dieter Schwarz is founder and owner of the Schwarz-Gruppe ( = Schwarz group), which includes the supermarket chains Kaufland and Lidl. Today, the famous Lidl discount supermarket chain is represented by more than 11.000 branches in 27 countries. With his retirement from the company’s management in 1999, Dieter Schwarz transferred his shares to the non-profit Dieter-Schwarz-Stiftung ( = Dieter Schwarz foundation), whose purpose is the promotion of science, research, art and culture. He is married and has two children.

Heinz Hermann Thiele

Estimated assets: 13,1 billion dollars

Heinz Hermann Thiele is the owner of Knorr-Bremse AG ( = Knorr brakes plc), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles. He started working in the company as a patent attorney in 1969 and became member of the executive board in 1985. Today, he is the chairman of the supervisory board of Knorr Bremse as well as Vossloh. Heinz Hermann Thiele is married and has two children. 

Klaus-Michael Kühne

Estimated assets: 12,4 billion dollars

Klaus-Michael Kühne is a member of the board of directors, majority shareholder and the largest individual shareholder of the international logistics service provider Kuehne + Nagel. Together with his parents, he is also the founder of the Kühne Foundation and shareholder of the HSV Fußball AG ( = HSV soccer plc). He is the richest German forwarder. Klaus-Michael Kühne is married. 

Hasso Plattner

Estimated assets: 11,2 billion dollars

German billionaire Hasso Plattner is one of five founders of the software company SAP. The studied news technician resigned as the chairman of the board in 2003 and founded the Hasso Plattner Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik ( = Hasso Plattner institute for software systems technology). He is considered as one of the most important private sponsors in the field of science in Germany. Plattner is married and has two children. 

Udo and Harald Tschira

Estimated assets: 11 billion dollars

Udo and Harald Tschira are the sons of Klaus Tschira, who was one of the founders of SAP. The 10th richest Germans are holding 7,5 % of the companies shares.

Featured image (cropped): Stefan Quandt – Simsalabimbam Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0


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