Stefanie Giesinger: Twenty Facts About the German Model

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Stefanie Giesinger is a famous German model and winner of the 7th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum.

  • Stefanie Giesingers parents are from Siberia. They came to Germany in 1995, one year, before their daugther was born. What is Stefanie Giesinger’s age? Stefanie Giesinger was born on August 27, 1996.
  • Stefanie Giesinger’s height is 5’10”.
  • She is from Kaiserslautern, a town in Rhineland Palatinate with the largest US military base outside of the USA.
  • Designed her own dirndl collection for the Munich beer festival (Oktoberfest) 2016. Dirndl are traditional dresses which empasize a woman’s decollete and are mostly worn in Bavaria, Austria and South Tirol.
  • Appeared in a music video of German singer and The Voice contestant Max Giesinger. Even though they are sharing the same surname, the two are not related to each other.
  • Initially wanted to study child psychology, but couldn’t comebine school and modelling after winning GNTM. That’s why she still has no school leaving examination which qualifies her to study in a University. In 2015, Stefanie Giesinger stated that she plans to finish school with online courses or in evening school.
  • Wants to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and already got the opportunity to walk down the runway with some of the famous angels during a Calzedonia show in Milan.
  • Stefanie Giesinger met her mentor Heidi Klum during the German Bambi show 2015, who complimented the GNTM winner for her social media presence. “Heidi is an amazing woman”, so Stefanie.
  • Sami Slimani, one of the most influential social media personalities and Youtube star from Germany, is one of her best friends.
  • Has alleged struggling with a cronical illness called Kartagener syndrome, which caused her to often vomittings during early teen years. According to Stefanie is that the reason, why people called her bulimic.
  • Had a car accident in early 2016 after which she got a concussin. That’s why she had to cancel several shows during the Berlin Fashion Week.
  • UK Youtube star Marcus Butler is Stefanie Giesinger’s boyfriend.
  • Moved to the capital Berlin, because it’s according to her “the place to be”.
  • One of her biggest idols is topmodel and Kim Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner.
  • Likes to wash her hair with beer once she is noticing that they become dry or too straight. “It gives them volume and they don’t smell like beer afterwards”, so the model.
  • Was never on a diet and thinks they are silly because of the yo-yo effect.
  • Met topmodel Gigi Hadid in New York.
  • Likes the colour black when it comes to clothes.
  • Once stated that she was shocked when she noticed after working some time as a model, that drugs are pretty common in the business.
  • Her favourite make up item is mascara.


Featured image: Stefanie GiesingerCarlos Delgado Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 4.0


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February 9, 2017
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