Shirin David: 15 Facts About the German Youtube-Star

shirin david

Who is Shirin David?

Shirin David is a famous German youtuber and judge in the current season Deutschland sucht den Superstar ( = German Idol).

  • Shirin David was born on April 11, 1995. Her full name is Barbara Shirin Davidavicius.
  • Shirin’s father is from Iran and her mother from Lithuania.
  • Has a younger sister called Pati.
  • Her mother is running a soap bubbles shop called Bunte Düfte (Colorful Scents) in Hamburg.
  • Believes in horoscopes.
  • Almost always spent her summer holidays in her mothers homecountry Lithuania.
  • Loves classic music. Her favourite play is The Bat from Johann Sebastian Strauss.
  • Started playing piano at the age of five. She also attended violin, saxophone, flute and oboe classes.
  • Was living in a shared flat with another famous German youtuber called Melina Sophie.
  • Shirin and Chris from BullshitTV were dating until he official announced their break up in April 2015. Only a short time later, he deleted the tweet.
  • Her fans are called Shirizzles.
  • Revealed on a Younow livestream from 2015, that she had a boob job. It was a long time wish from her.
  • Left school with the highest qualification Abitur. Throughout her schooltime, she had to repeat two classes.
  • Became famous through Simon Desue, one of the most famous German youtubers, who is now living in the US.
  • Was announced as a judge for the new season Deutschland sucht den Superstar ( = Germany Idol) in October 2016.


Featured image: Shirin David und Jan RodeWebvideopreis Deutschland – CC BY 2.0Paola Maria, DagiBee und Shirin DavidWebvideopreis Deutschland – CC BY 2.0
March 15, 2017
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