Plastic Surgery in Germany: Top Three Most Famous Surgeons on TV

famous plastic surgeons germany

Plastic Surgery Germany

Most people in Germany consider natural beauty as the aesthetic ideal. Still, plastic surgery becomes more and more popular since several years. German celebrities, who have been talking openly about their surgeries in past or were even accompanied by a camera team during their operations, made the topic publicly respectable. The following plastic surgeons in Germany appeared on different shows on TV or did operations on different German celebrities with a camera team.

German Plastic Surgeon I: Dr. Werner Mang

Dr. Werner Mang is a well known plastic surgeon in Germany, who came to great success by doing operations on many German celebrities as well as appearing on a lot of different tv programs. He studied medicine at TU Munich and became an ear, nose and throat specialist. Later on, he focused on plastic surgery. Dr. Werner Mang is senior physician at the Bodenseeklinik ( = Bodensee clinic) and founder of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Medizin ( = German society for aesthetic medicine). The reason, that Mang was one of the first, who performed plastic surgery in Germany, had a huge a impact on his fame in Germany.

German Plastic Surgeon II: Dr. Axel Neuroth

Dr. Axel Neuroth is a famous German plastic surgeon from Stuttgart. Since the age of 15, he was focusing on pursuing his aim and studied medicine at University of Cologne. Most of his teachers in plastic surgery were doctors from France. Neuroths father was living in Paris for 20 years. In early years, Neuroth started following the plastic surgery history and scene in the country, because French women were the first in Europe, who used plastic surgery more frequently and often. Since 2010, Axel Neuroth is chief physician of the Nac Clinic Neuroth Aesthetic Center in Düsseldorf. In Germany, he is well known for his public appearances as a consultant and interview partner on different tv channels as well as for magazines and newspapers.

German Plastic Surgeon III: Dr. Afschin Fatemi

Dr. Afschin Fatemi was born in Mainz and is a well known dermatologist and plastic surgeon in Germany. He studied medicine at University of Lübeck, two US university and at one in Spain. Afschin Fatemi made his postdoc in the field of dermtology. He founded his first private S-thetic clinic in Unna on which followed private clinics in Düsseldorf and Munich. In 2009, Dr. Afschin Fatemi founded a S-thetic clinic in Düsseldorf.

Dr. Fatemis parents are from Iran. He is well known for his appearances on tv and operations on German celebrities. In 2004, he published a book called Einmal J. Lo’s Po, bitte : Aufzeichnungen eines Schönheitschirurgen (= J. Lo’s Booty please: Notes of a plastic surgeon) in which he critises his own industry.

Featured image (cropped): Dr. Werner Mang – Mang Medical One Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0
February 25, 2017
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