Mesut Ozil Facts: 23 Things About the Arsenal Player

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Mesut Özil Facts

Mesut Ozil (Özil) is one of the most famous soccer players in the world. He is currently contracted to the English club Arsenal London and is also playing for the German national team – having Ozil on the side is already like a goal. 22 Mesut Ozil facts:

  • How old is Ozil? His birthday is on October 15 1988 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and he is therefore currently 29 years old.
  • He has two younger sisters and an older brother called Mutlo. Mutlo is also Mesut Ozil’s manager. Before that, his father Mustafa was his manager, with whom he had alleged fallen out in 2013. Ozil also has a two years younger half-sister called Denise, who is the result of an affair from Ozil’s father.
  • He learned soccer on the streets of his hometown Gelsenkirchen. Ozil says that he developed his brilliant technique and fine feel for the ball on a amateur football field called “Affenkäfig” (ape cave).
  • Ozil’s parents separated in summer 2014. His father Mustafa was said to have had several affairs with other women and aired and graced like a pasha. Gülizar Ozil (Mesut’s mother) seperated by the encouragement of her four children.
  • One of many Mesut Ozil facts says that Ozil’s role model is the former French midfield player Zinedine Zidane.
  • He rejected the Turkis citizenship at age 18 and took the German one. He gained a lot of criticism from his Turkish fans for this decision.
  • Mesut is a Moslem. Right before every football match, people can see him praying on the field. In May 2016, Mesut Ozil performed the Umrah in Mecca and posted an Instagram picture, which received more than 2 million likes.
  • Ozil has a big tattoo on his upper arm with the writing: “Only God Can Judge Me”.
  • Mesut is famous for his outstanding eyes. Thats why his fellow players in Real Madrid club called him “Nemo”.
  • Mesut has no wife, but was in an on and off relationship with Italian-German singer Mandy Grace Capristo. The two were together from the beginning of 2013 until the end of 2014, but reunited by the end of 2015. Before that, Anna-Maria Lagerbloom, the sister of a very famous German singer called Sarah Connor was Mesut Ozil’s girlfriend. For Ozil, Lagerbloom converted to Islam and took the Turkish name Melek (Angel). She is now married with the Tunesian-German Rapper Bushido.
  • His transfer fee from Real Madrid to Arsenal London was 50 million USD, which makes him to be the most expensive player for Arsenal London and the most expensive German player until now.
  • After Germany won the World Championship in 2014, Mesut Özil called his mother. “She is always there for me and I wanted to share this special moment with her”.
  • Besides Manuel Neuer, Ozil is the only soccer player, who has a life-size wax figure in Madame Tussaud Berlin.
  • He is a supporter of the organization Big Shoe, which allows operations for children in poor regions. After the win of the German World Championship in 2014, Ozil payed operations for 23 children. The 23 stood symbolic for every player in the squad.
  • Ozil’s height is 5’11”.
  • Since 2013, he is under contract with German sporting goods manufacturer adidas. Ozil was wearing the Silver Adidas Ace 16+PureControl shoes for Euro 2016. After a fight with his ex-partner Nike was Ozil forced to play around 6 months in white, nameless shoes.
  • One of many Mesut Ozil facts says that after the world championship in 2014, Ozil was the only player, who didn’t get a photo with German cancellor Angela Merkel. The reason: he was just partying too extensively.
  • Has a mops called Balboa.
  • German soccer manager Horst Hrubesch once called Ozil the German Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona).
  • Doesn’t like to get called “German-Turkish” as he says that he was born and raised in Germany.
  • Mesut Ozil’s net worth lies around 70 million USD.
  • Ozil surprised his fans in 2015 with a very extraordinary haircut: a line from the front to the back of the head.
  • In 2017, Mesut Ozil released a book called Gunning for Greatness. My Life: With an introduction by Jose Mourinho.
Featured image: Mesut Ozil Arsenal Vs Watfordjoshjdss flickr – CC BY 2.0


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February 19, 2017
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