Ludwig II and Castle Neuschwanstein: Ten Interesting Facts

ludwig II castle neuschwanstein

Ten Ludwig II and “Disney” Castle Neuschwanstein Facts

King of Bavaria (König von Bayern), Ludwig II, was said to be dreamy and unsociable person. During his 22 years on the throne (1864-1886), he wanted to meet as few people as possible and remain as a mystery  – to others as well as to himself. King Ludwig II’s most famous Castle Neuschwanstein, surrounded by woods on top of a mountain, should have become his head quarter. But in the end, he only spent 172 nights in it. Until today, one of the most famous castles in Germany (the “fairytale castle”), attracts millions of visitors ever year. By them, Ludwig II fulfilled his dream: he became immortal.

  • Castle Neuschwanstein was built between 1969 and 1886, the year, Ludwig II died. Seven weeks after the kings death, it was made accessible to the public.
  • 40 people died during the construction of castle Neuschwanstein.
  • The interior design is based on the content of German rituals as well as Richard Wagner’s musical world of ideas.
  • The Disney castle from the famous movie intro as well as the castles from Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella were inspired by Neuschwanstein. Castle Neuschwanstein is also called the Cinderella castle Germany.
  • During the peak time of the construction of the castle, everyday, 200-300 people were working day and sometimes even during the night on finishing it.
  • Castle Neuschwanstein was built in a middle age style. The reason: in 1866, Bavaria lost a war against Prussia, which received power over the Bavarian army. Ludwig II felt like a political puppet and not like a real king. In the middle ages though, the kings had untouchable power. Furthermore, Ludwig II created an illusinary world for himself when he started staying awake during the night and slept in the daytime from 1875 on.
  • During the time when the Neuschwanstein castle was built, it was one of the most modern ones at that time. The dreamy and romantic middle age look on the outside didn’t reflect the inside. Running water, a lift, telephones and a kitchen according to the latest standards – castle Neuschwanstein was everything, but medieval. Furthermore, the foundation of it is cemented and the walls are made of bricks. Limestone was only used for the external facade.
  • Ludwig II. was a strict Catholic. Thats why the saga about Parzival, who became the grail king due to his believe and purity, had a huge impact on him. His close friend and favourite componist Richard Wagner expressed the kings admiration in his last work Parsifal. Castle Neuschwanstein got interpretated as a grails castle and the throne room designed as a hall of the holy grail.
  • Since 1885, foreign banks threatened King Ludwig II. with a seizure of castle Neuschwanstein. The reason: in the end, the costs were double the amount, which were actually assumed (6 million Mark = around 3 million Euro). Ludwig II. was highly in debt. Due to his irrational reaction to the threat, he was declared as minor and got deposed. He got interned in castle Berg and – together with the psychiatrist, who certified King Ludwig’s mental immaturity – died only one day later in Starnberger Lake.
  • Until the dead of Ludwig II., only 15 rooms were finished – including the servants quarter, Ludwigs living and sleeping room and the kitchen

Where is Neuschwanstein castle? It’s located in Schwangau, Bavaria.

Featured images (cropped): Portrait of King Ludwig II of Bavaria with bavarian uniform – Carte de Visite (reproduction: Günter Josef Radig) Wikimedia – Public DomainSchloss Neuschwanstein im Schwangau, Füssen, Ostallgäu-1-3Polybert49 flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0
February 11, 2017
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