GNTM Contestants: Top Seven Unusual Career Paths

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GNTM Contestants

Since 2006, Heidi Klum is searching almost every year for a new Germanys next Topmodel (GNTM).  But what happened with some of the old contestants? Some of them are now fashion models, some are working in 09/15 jobs and some former GNTM contestants chose a quite different approach than the other ones.

Jacqueline Theißen: Priest

Season: 8

Jacqueline Theißen GNTM position: 10

Jacqueline Theißen was one of the most unusual contestant of the 8th season GNTM. Especially when it came to her interests and style. Her dreamjob: becoming an evangelical pastor. “In church, nobody cares how you look”, told the beautiful young woman a German university magazine called UniSpiegel. Before becoming a priest, Jacqueline is going to study social economy and then theology. Believe and modeling are according to her, nothing that locks oneself out.

Micaela Schäfer: Nude Model

Season: 1

Micaela Schäfer GNTM Position: 8

Micaela Schaefer is half Brazilian and half German. According to her, it was always her wish, to just be famous – even without any skill. Before becoming a contestant for GNTM, Micaela was a participant for Miss East Germany 2004. The then 20 year old got disqualified due to naked photos she did for Penthouse Magazine. Currently, Micaela Schäfer is the most famous nude model in Germany and appeard in several different tv formats like the German versions of Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here! Furthermore, she was face of the famous German sex exhibition Venus and is co-founder of the online brothel Shortaffair.

Anna Maria Damm: Youtube-Star

Season: 8

Anna Maria Dann GNTM Position: 5

Anna Maria Damm is half German and half Filipino. Since July 2013 is she regulary uploading videos on her own youtube channel and since September 2014 on her vlog channel called Ankat. Ankat is a combination of the name Anna and her sisters name Katharina Damm, with who she is living together in a house. Anna Maria Damm has currently more than 500.000 subscribers and is considered as one of the most famous beauty youtubers in Germany.

Rebecca Mir: TV-Presenter

Season: 6

Rebecca Mir GNTM Position: 2

Rebecca Mir is half German and half Afghani. During season 6 of Germany’s next Topmodel, she was one of the most ambitious candiates and got famous for passing almost every challenge with a lot of confidence. Since then, she did not only appear on several catwalks all over the world, but mostly as a representer in German tv, including ProSieben taff, Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle and Wok-WM ( = wok world championship). Rebecca Mir is married to Italian dancer Massimo Sinato, whom she met in 2012 during her participation on the show Let’s Dance ( = Dancing with the Stars).

Gina-Lisa Lohfink: (Unintentional) Adult Model

Season: 3

Gina Lisa Lohfink GNTM Position: 11

Gina-Lisa Lohfink was said to be the hot “impudent snout” during the 2nd season of Germany’s next Topmodel. She received a lot of media attention after her elimination by publicly appearing with a slimmed down body and new, bigger breasts. The tv personality became even more famous in 2008 after an amateur porno got released, showing her having sex with Yüksel D. Gina Lisa Lohfink claimed, that she didn’t know that the act got filmed. After some relationships with German tv personalities as well as a footballer named Arthur Boka, another amateur porno got published in 2012. In this video, she is having sex with two men. According to Gina Lisa, she got anaestetized with drops and sued both of them. The accused of rape got finally dropped and Gina Lisa, due to false accusations, sentenced to pay 24.000 euro ( = 27000 USD).

Tonia Michaely: Consultant

Season: 7

Kasia Lenhard GNTM Position: 4

Kasia Lenhard was the funky, bright young girl during 7th season of GNTM. She became mother at age 19 and is regulary sharing her lovely pictures with her son on Instagram.

Season: 1

Yvonne Schröder GNTM Position: 2

The then 17 year old Yvonne Schröder was considered as the “sex bomb” during first season of GNTM in 2006. The beautiful model is married with footballer Tim Kister since 2012 and has two children with him.

Featured image: Rebecca Mir – Senktris Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0
February 28, 2017
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