Emilia Schüle: Ten Facts About the German Actress

emilia schüle facts

German Actresses: Emilia Schüle Facts

Emilia Schüle is a German actress with Russian roots, who starred in her first short film called Nichts weiter als ( = Nothing else than) at the age of 12. She is playing the leading role in the 2017s German cinema movie High Society, starring next to Iris Berben and German soap opera star Janina Uhse. Ten Emilia Schüle facts:

  • Emilia Schüle was born in November 28, 1992 in Blagoveshchensk, Russia. Her family is German-Russian and moved to Berlin in Germany when Schüle was an infant. Both her parents are medical doctors and moved to Germany without knowing the language.
  • She took classes in ballett and modern dance since the age of seven. During one of her public performances in shopping centres and Christmas markets, an agent discovered her at the age of 13.
  • Emilia Schüle and German actor Jannis Niewöhner were in a seven years lasting relationship until they broke up in 2015. Until now, Schüle and her former boyfriend played in five cinema movies together including High Society in 2017.
  • Became famous in Germany at the age of 15 with the move Freche Mädchen ( = Cheeky girls). Freche Mädchen is based on a book series about the everyday life of three teenage girls.
  • According to an interview with German Elle Magazine, Schüle doesn’t wear make-up and likes to wear regular jeans as well as casual boots in her free time. For public apperances, she is working together with a stylist.
  • Visited the Philippines as ambassador for the children’s charity Plan where parts got destroyed due to a typhoon in 2012.
  • Described herself as a good student in school in an interview with tip Berlin. Especially acting and being on the set helped her on staying focused. She left school with the highest school leaving certificate in Germany.
  • Likes to watch independent movies and can – according to an interview with freundin – imagine playing in an American independent movie rather than a mainstream blockbuster.
  • Liked to watch the series Ally McBeal, Friends and Sailormoon during her childhood.
  • Likes the music of Edit Piaf.

Some Emilia Schüle movies:

  • Freche Mädchen 1 & 2
  • How to Drain Your Dragon (Voice)
  • Boy 7 
  • Aschenputtel
  • High Society
  • Jugend ohne Gott
Featured image (cropped):Emilia Schüle Avda Wikimedia/ avda-foto.de – CC BY-SA 3.0


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September 9, 2017
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