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FamousInGermany.com is a website, which mainly provides you with infos and lists about famous people in and from Germany including

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About me

My name is Jasmin and I have a master’s degree in social sciences. Currently, I am working in the field of online marketing in Berlin for a hotel group. Feel free to contact me on Linkedin if you are interested in content marketing, online marketing or if you want to talk about current issues in the fields of social sciences and psychology.

I created FamousInGermany.com, because I couldn’t find any website in the world wide web, which provides interested people with lists and informations about famous German people or German celebrities in English! FamousInGermany.com is especially useful for foreign students or people, who are in the country for work and are not yet very familiar with the German language, but want to know more or be up-to-date about famous German personalities in media, politics, sciences and more. Furthermore, FamousInGermany.com can be interesting for people all over the world, who just want to get in touch about the current top German celebrities or want to find out more about German personalities and therefore German culture in general.

FamousInGermany.com is not a place for negative comments or harm. It is my intention to write about any person in the most positive way. I also take great care in selecting only pictures, which are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution. If you have any questions or suggestions (especially regarding topics or personalities you want to read more about), please feel free to contact me:


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January 20, 2017